New Patients

In the video below, Dr. Cindy Toner explains our approach here at Nova Spinal Care and why it’s important for everyone to take care of their central nervous system. Our number one goal is to make sure you are informed throughout the entire process so that you get better results, more quickly. This way, you can create the healthy life you envision for yourself. 

To book your first appointment, please call the clinic at 902-444-6682.


Q: How long will it take for me to get better?
A: Every new patient gets a thorough evaluation upon their first visit at Nova Spinal Care to determine their level of wellness. Recommendations are made for care based on the findings of this evaluation. Some people feel different early in the care process while others may take a little longer to feel changes. Every body heals at a different rate based on the levels of stress in their system.

Q: So, do I have to keep coming forever?
A: How long one chooses to reap the benefits from chiropractic care and an optimally functioning nervous system is always up to them. Over time and as the healing process in the body is activated, the frequency of visits typically reduces reaching a level that will match what that individual needs to keep the momentum of healing in their system.

Q: Why do you adjust people with no symptoms or pain?
A: Our philosophy of care is based on the fact that the central nervous system in the body is the control center for all functions in the body that literally keep us alive. This system is fully encased in bone in order to protect these vital functions. When this system begins to breakdown from the effects of gravity creating stress on the posture, it can create disease in the body. Much of this breakdown happens slowly over time, unbeknownst to the individual. Our care process is designed to remove these postural stresses to promote better alignment in the overall system and create more ease.

Q: Do you do the cracking and snapping type of chiropractic?
A: The doctors at Nova Spinal Care were trained in many different chiropractic techniques. They choose to practice specific techniques that remove stress from the body without what some call the ‘twisting, cracking or popping sounds’. We use gentle forms of chiropractic.

Q: How can a gentle adjustment DO anything?
A: One of the main techniques used at Nova Spinal Care is upper cervical and focuses on one’s overall body balance. The top bone in the neck (C-1) located at the base of the skull is the most highly movable vertebra in the entire spine. It doesn’t have a disc above or below it. Its proximity to the brainstem which houses information for overall postural control makes it ideal to influence the entire body with a gentle pressure in the right direction.

Q: Why do you take x-rays?
A: At the initial assessment, we determine if taking x-rays is optimal for the individual’s care process with us. If we determine x-rays are ideal, we are able to see structural issues in the spine and the amount of abnormal wear and tear present. We are then able to have the x-rays present at every visit to guide us more specifically through your care process. It is often surprising for most to see what their insides look like.

Q: Do you take insurance?
A: We do not direct bill to insurance companies but we can provide a detailed receipt for you to submit.

Q: Do children and babies benefit from chiropractic adjustments?
A: Of course, some of the greatest changes we see from chiropractic adjustments occur in babies and children. In the children we’ve taken care, we’ve seen improvements in digestion (less colic), better sleep, happier disposition, better able to reach developmental milestones like sitting up, crawling, walking, etc… They have spines too and most people are unaware of the stresses that occur from the birthing process whether natural or through interventions like c-sections, forceps, vacuum extraction. The baby’s job is to balance a very heavy head on a tiny spine. In order to reach normal development and be upright by the age of 12 months, a baby should undergo proper tummy time, sitting, crawling (not scooting) so the spine can develop the optimal curves in order to make it strong enough to stand upright around that 12 month mark.