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David Lee - Physiotherapist

David grew up in Cole Harbour, NS and fell in love with exercise science at a young age. He then went on a mission to better his knowledge in exercise prescription. After completing his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Personal Training certifications, he realized he was only looking at the tip of the iceberg, meaning there was still so much more to learn. Even with all this education he still felt under qualified and limited with his exercise prescription. He quickly realized that no one person is the same as many of his clients would have dysfunction(s) (painful or not), old/new injures and multiple co-morbidies. This led David to seek out his Masters of Science in Physiotherapy, where it fostered his love and passion for exercise, and the treatment of pain and chronic disease.

It was a long road, and David discovered that health and fitness is so much more than just “Movement Patterns”, fitness fads, and social media jargon.

Physiotherapy to David goes beyond treating injuries. His vision of physiotherapy is to look at the big picture of overall health, fitness, aging as well as wellness. David feels Physiotherapists are positioned best to guide people through healthy lifestyles. His mission is to go beyond a post-injury state, to a prevention state where clients can improve and/or maintain a healthy-fit-functioning body.

David is a geek at heart, and loves movies, video games, and comics. He appreciates a good scotch, cigar, craft beer, and/or cider. He currently loves softball, biking, fishing, and martial arts. His biggest obsession is his dog, Yoshi.

Training & Qualifications

  • Multiple Strength Training Certifications
  • The Highest Functional Dry Needling Certification
  • Trained in Cupping and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (aka Scrapping).
  • Multiple Movement and Manual Therapy Certifications
  • Inner Ear-Vestibular Certifications
  • First Responder Certifications
  • Level 2 Somatics
  • Multiple Neuropathic / Persistent Pain Courses.