Chiropractic Care

We practice a specific and gentle form of chiropractic care, and have many state of the art technologies to ensure you are cared for completely.

The doctors are the only chiropractors in Halifax, Nova Scotia utilizing the specific technique called NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). They also utilize the principles of the techniques QSM3 and MC2 to eliminate as much stress and tension in your spine and nervous system allowing your body to better self-heal and regulate.


Dr. Cindy Toner, BSc KIN, DC


Dr. Toner is extremely passionate about taking care of children, families and assisting individuals of all ages to achieve more wellness through the chiropractic lifestyle. Read more...

Dr. Jason Plotsky, DC


It was chiropractic that helped solve many years of chronic low back pain. Through this experience and his desire to help people he was led to chiropractic school where he graduated salutatorian of his class. Read more...